Previous Winners

R2,000 Dischem Voucher (Jan 2017)

I found out about winonline, while I was browsing on facebook. I saw the advert and decided to enter the competition and to my surprise I received an e-mail after two days to tell me that I have won a prize. I was shocked , because I have never won a prize in my. Thank you very much winonline for the prize I won. It is much appreciated.

Marshell Straus, Cape Town

May 5, 2017

R2,000 Dischem Voucher (Nov 2016)

Wow I'm so happy to have won this voucher,as i have never won anything in my life before. I'm so grateful to winOnline,i was always on the internet applying for loans,and i entered this competition not knowing that I'll be the winner,now i can buy my six months baby things he doesn't have wow thank you so much!!

Olivia Mbobo

February 2, 2017

R25,0000 Winner (Nov 2016)

"I need to pinch myself, this has never ever happened to me before and I am so grateful for this win as it couldn't have come at a better time. Ï always enter these competition with the hope and dream that one day I will win. and that day has arrived. Thank you soooo much!!"

Kind regards,

Karen Millar


February 2, 2017

R2,000 Woolworths Voucher (Nov 2016)

This is such a surprise still cannot believe it. I am so excited to be winner just when I need it the most. Thank you so much this is a wonderful gift.

Salome Pretorious

February 2, 2017

R7,500 Winner

Wooow!!! Thanks very much WinOnline,,today iam R7500,Richer,,,,WinOnline is very much real..iam lost for words!!!Thank you ,,thank you !!!!

February 2, 2017

R2,000 Pep Voucher Winner

Hi my name is Abby Baloye age 28 staying in Tembisa in Gauteng, I just Wanna confirm that I won R2000 pep voucher with u on the 1st of sep 2016. Thank you.

Abby Baloye

September 12, 2016

R20,000 Winner (September 2016)

Oh my word, I am so excited to be a winner of such a huge prize, I saw the competition on my email and I entered it as usual and did not expect a response, when I received an email saying I am a winner I did not want to be excited because I thought it is one of the scams. It is the first time I have won anything. Thank you winonline, this prize just came at the right time for me. Yipeeeeeeee!

Ayanda Mthimkhulu

September 12, 2016

R2,500 Prize Winner (September 2016)

"I'm really happy to be a winner on winonline never thought I would win anything Thank you so much" ????

Lezal Williams

September 12, 2016

R20,000 Winner (June 2016)

This sounds so cliche’ but I have never won anything this big in my life before. At first I thought that this seemed a bit strange as I don’t even remember entering any competition but winning R20 000 feels absolutely amazing. It also really comes in handy as I have two children under the age of 5 and with winter coming, I can now get them what they need for the cold months to come.

Thank you Winonline for this incredible gift!!!

Danielle Abrahams

September 12, 2016

R7,500 Winner (June 2016)

Wow,,,thank you WinOnline,,,I have never won such a big prize previously… Iam so happy!!!

Bongani Ntuli

September 12, 2016

R2,5000 Winner (June 2016)

I entered on WINONLINE.CO.ZA through a third party advertisement and I said I’ll take a chance on this entry. I was certain that I would not win anything as my luck on winning on line is zero. Lo and behold there I received communication that I won a prize in the lucky draw that I’ve entered. Thank you, WINONLINE.CO.ZA for this as this money couldn’t have come on a better stage in my life. I’ll recommend WINONLINE.CO.ZA to all my friends and family.

Johan du Plooy

September 12, 2016

R2,000 Woolworths Voucher (June 2016)

Im so happy i won ,such a great surprise ,never thought i would win anything ,given me the gumption to carry on entering . thank you very much !!!

Patricia Sesi Mthimunye

September 12, 2016

R15,000 Winner (Jan 2016)

“I found while browsing around Facebook and thought I would give it a try… never did I expect to win. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!! this money will be used to help me with my business and a few other things I really need right now.”

J. Purcell

September 12, 2016

R20,000 Winner (April 2016)

“I heard about your sight through a few friends of mine and with a cash prize it was hard to resist the temptation to enter so I eventually entered and here we are now. I am very grateful to for the cash prize and would encourage anyone to enter like I did and take a chance”

K. Diamond

September 12, 2016

R7,500 (April 2016)

“Oh my God, I was so excited and nervures because I never won anything before.I was on internet and apply for loans and I also play competitions because I am in bad financial situation at the moment and after few days I was receiving emails from you guys and keep playing completion until last I receive this email that was telling that I have won. I never expect this and I was so excited about Because I really need this money.



September 12, 2016