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picsay-1413399569808Hi my name is Abby Baloye age 28 staying in Tembisa in Gauteng, I just Wanna confirm that I won R2000 pep voucher with u on the 1st of sep 2016. Thank you.

Abby Baloye

R20,000 Winner (September 2016)

img-20150317-wa0009-1Oh my word, I am so excited to be a winner of such a huge prize, I saw the competition on my email and I entered it as usual and did not expect a response, when I received an email saying I am a winner I did not want to be excited because I thought it is one of the scams. It is the first time I have won anything. Thank you winonline, this prize just came at the right time for me. Yipeeeeeeee

Ayanda Mthimkhulu

R2,500 Prize Winner (September 2016)

wp_20160616_11_36_38_pro"I'm really happy to be a winner on winonline never thought I would win anything Thank you so much" 😊

Lezal Williams

R7500 Winner (June 2016)

bongani-s-ntuliWooow!!! Thanks very much WinOnline,,today iam R7500,Richer,,,,WinOnline is very much real..iam lost for words!!!Thank you ,,thank you !!!!

Bongani S Ntuli

R20,000 Winner (June 2016)

IMG-20160531-WA0001This sounds so cliche’ but I have never won anything this big in my life before. At first I thought that this seemed a bit strange as I don’t even remember entering any competition but winning R20 000 feels absolutely amazing. It also really comes in handy as I have two children under the age of 5 and with winter coming, I can now get them what they need for the cold months to come.

Thank you Winonline for this incredible gift!!!

Danielle Abrahams

R7,500 Winner (June 2016)

IMG_20160228_171631Wow,,,thank you WinOnline,,,I have never won such a big prize previously… Iam so happy!!!

Bongani Ntuli

R2,5000 Winner (June 2016)

2016-06-08 at 3.25 PMI entered on WINONLINE.CO.ZA through a third party advertisement and I said I’ll take a chance on this entry. I was certain that I would not win anything as my luck on winning on line is zero. Lo and behold there I received communication that I won a prize in the lucky draw that I’ve entered. Thank you, WINONLINE.CO.ZA for this as this money couldn’t have come on a better stage in my life. I’ll recommend WINONLINE.CO.ZA to all my friends and family.

Johan du Plooy

R2,000 Woolworths Voucher (June 2016)

image-27Im so happy i won ,such a great surprise ,never thought i would win anything ,given me the gumption to carry on entering . thank you very much !!!

Patricia Sesi Mthimunye

R15,000 Winner (Jan 2016)

J.PURCELL“I found while browsing around Facebook and thought I would give it a try… never did I expect to win. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!! this money will be used to help me with my business and a few other things I really need right now.”

J. Purcell

R20,000 Winner (April 2016)

K.DIAMON“I heard about your sight through a few friends of mine and with a cash prize it was hard to resist the temptation to enter so I eventually entered and here we are now. I am very grateful to for the cash prize and would encourage anyone to enter like I did and take a chance”

K. Diamond

R7500,00 (April 2016)

Pinkie“Oh my God, I was so excited and nervures because I never won anything before.I was on internet and apply for loans and I also play competitions because I am in bad financial situation at the moment and after few days I was receiving emails from you guys and keep playing completion until last I receive this email that was telling that I have won. I never expect this and I was so excited about Because I really need this money.